Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Supreme Court of Hawai'i to hear Superferry's Maui EIS issue

This story appeared as a letter to the editor in the Kaua'i Garden Island and speaks to the legal
issues going on involving the proposed Superferry.

Letter to the Editor

Is it accurate to imply Superferry is a done deal, despite two
lawsuits that may delay startup?

The Hawai'i Tribune-Herald did just that in its July 1 and 2
Superferry stories.

One lawsuit may have Superferry barred from Kahului Harbor until
environmental studies are done. Oral arguments before the Hawai'i
Supreme Court begin next month (August).

The other lawsuit yielded a ruling that the Environmental Assessment
for Kahului Harbor was inadequate. A hearing on the remedy is also set
for next month.

Why the silence on the lawsuits? Are journalistic standards being
watered down to keep advertising money flowing in?

Cory (Martha) Harden

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