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An incredible letter to the people of Hawai'i from Anne Punohu, kapuna of Kalaheo, Kaua'i

Anne Punohu submitted this letter to the editor of the Kaua'i Garden Island for Sat Dec 1, 2007.  To me it is a call to the heart, and I hope it is printed by the paper.

An open letter to the people of the State of Hawai'i:

These are indeed strange times in our state. I have never seen so many protests for so many things in the entire course of the brief history of this sacred land as a United States State. I for one am part of the make up of this state, but more so than that i believe that on behalf of my native Hawaiian kanaka maoli born and raised on Kaua'i keiki, i not only have an obligation but a right to speak out, to walk my walk and talk my talk, to move, imua walk fore ward and let my voice be heard loud and clear on what is happening on my island of Kaua'i.

It is a symptom of what is happening worldwide, and is now hitting our tender and fragile shores. The most harm it is doing to our true Kaua'i people, and that is fifth generation haoles, chinese, japanese, fourth, and third generation portuguese, spanish and puerto rican, and third and second generation filipinos, and others, not to mention 20th generation kanakas, or the maka ainana, the eyes of the land is that we are all suffering greatly. Not just physically but emotionally too. Our lives have been cruelly huli'd by those with nothing but corporate greed, and the pursuit of money to the detriment of all those others on whose backs they stand.

I'm not perfect, and i have made tons of mistakes in my life, and continue to make them, and probably will go on continuing to make them until the day i lay down for the last time. However, there are mistakes, and then there are outright abominations. Worldwide, people are feeling the pinch and bite of more than just issues like the super-ferry and overdevelopment. Kauai is suffering from a surge of people who do not care about Kauai, its values or its heritage. They do not care about our mana, our aina, our laau, our uluwehiwehi, our ia, our manu or our kinos. All they want is everything we have, and then some. They claim it is theirs we must bow down and give it to them and how dare we resist. How dare we rise up at the totality of what has been done to a peace-loving kauai.

A little history lesson, Kauai managed to get around the wars taking place all over the islands for almost 500 years, until Kamehameha. Kamehameha bowed to the expert and fine diplomacy of our beloved Kaumualii, a humble and great ruler who was not much prone to war, and his son even less so, and ironically he died in battle. His wife remarried, and co-founded a church and had another son, on the grounds of what has become to be known as Coco palms. Queen Deborah Kapule ran the first guest house on Kauai on the shores of the Wailua river, was a staunch christian, and a generous and kind ruler. A trait our current Governor would do well to attempt to emulate, as a women leader. His mother however was a completely different story. She chanted a powerful chant, passed down from great alii wahine mo'i over and over. This chant was so powerful no one dared step foot on Kaua'i. But she , (Kaua'i, for all islands in the Hawaiian beleif concept have genders. Guess which one O'ahu is? Male. Figures.), was coveted and drooled over from a distance especially by those of O'ahu, but they could never completely conquer true Kaua'i.. They always wanted to, and tried several times by using boats, several of which sank. The belief was that Kauai's force of nature has its own agenda, and no one can travel her waters without bowing to her superior force. Nature.

I recently went to two funerals in the span of two weeks both of which hit me very hard. These are the true Kauai families Let me just say that Kauai people, the true old Kaua'i lines speak in a soft melodic tone. They do not bark loudly like angry little lapdogs. They were kind and generous but tough and strong. They could be heard not by loud noise and shouting, but by quiet strength and determination. There has always been a limit to aloha on Kauai. Once you pass it there is no going back. Kauai people, the true old lines of genealogy demand respect because they are the oldest lines in Hawaii, and to many of us, they are the ruling alii class at this time. There are no more survivors of the Kamehameha lines, and it is generally concluded, that here on Kauai, with the Kawananakoa lines lie the true aliis of this generation, the ruling class. True aliis do not subjugate their people, they never could or under the system, they could be immediately deposed. You have to take care of the Makaainana, or you as an alii would not be fed. The aliis had a responsibility to care and protect the aina and ensure that the ahupuaas were safe from invasion, and that proper prayers were said and protocol done so that there would be adequate food supplies to feed the people. This also included proper logistics to make sure that kapus were in place in order to ensure that each type of food source and materials resources had the opportunity to properly propagate themselves. There was a system of justice, and familial hierarchies on Kauai that predates the imposed Kapus of the Tahitians by many generations. The meles, chants and moolelos held a highly intricate and intelligent language full of rich meanings, and interconnecting the entire polynesian, micronesian and melanesian triangle. This is the true people of Kauais heritage. A heritage that cannot be taken away from us.

 You cannot rip out our hearts, although you may be able to dampen our spirits, but then a little rain could never stop Kauai, it just makes us stronger. But Kauai people are resilient, and have an innate sense of what is right, and good and pure, and we pursue that to the fullest. O'ahu people generally have a much different attitude, and always have. They are a little louder, a little brasher. a little more conservative, and this can be heard clearly in the difference in cadence when olelo Hawaii is spoken by an O'ahuan, it is hard and guttural, like the German language, although no less beautiful or rich in intelligence and meaning. It is very easy to tell someone from O'ahu from someone from Kaua'i. O'ahu people are always amazed that Kaua'i people can guess they are not from here even if they are "local". Yep, Kauai people are smart that way. Many many O'ahu kanakas have intermarried and joined with Kauais geneological lines, to mix up the geneologies, particularly from Kamehamehas infamous counselors of 13.

But the fact remains, that Kauai blood, the koko that surges through anyones veins that has soaked Kauai into their pores no matter what your race creed or nationality will never stand by and let kauai fall. We are warriors and proud of it. Wether it is with the pen which is mightier that the sword, the waa nui, the speaking out, the holoholo imua, the walking foreward with pride, dignity and honor, holding our heads high and knowing that what we beleive in the deep core of what is Kauai, which cannot be explained, but only truly felt will never ever fall. It will live forever. Our hearts will not be torn and ripped asunder by those whose only goal is greed, superiority and defilement. We stand po'ohiwi to po'ohiwi with each other, unmoveable, strong, nui ha'aheo. We do it for our children, the aina, and in a larger sense our own sanity as an island people. The respect due Kauai is absolutely undisputed. We will not be disrespected. We will maintian our island. period. this is not a call to battle by the way, but a call out to the heart. Remember who you are. Remember how you were raised. Remembeer what your kupuna suffered for you on this island to get you top where you are now, regardless of your ancestors race, this is not about race, but a heritage of a great blood mixed in with many others who have become the people of Kauai.

This is a call to fight for an ideal, a philosophy, a beleif, not a call to violence or conduct that will get anyone hurt. THis letter is to appeal to your souls, your deepest tears of joy, of hurt, of pain, of releif, of remembrance of contentment and love, and remember why you live kauai. Remember, in practicing these ideas of nui waa, of writing, of walking foreward, of fine tuning your minds, of negoitating, of learning, understanding, with these tools we are warriors that is what i mean when i say warrior. This is a battle of the mind, the heart the soul, and not a physical one. Use the gifts and talents that you have, that you have been taught, reawaken them and bring them foreward. No one can pass kauai. No one. Kauai people are unique and blessed people. show that. step foreward. speak out. resist. but stay lawful, dont get hurt, protect your family and your children because family comes first. But remember what you stand on, the land not concrete. remember what your ceiling is, the sky and not wood. remember what your clothing is, and your food, and what nourishes you. protect that. preserve that aloha no

anne punohu

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rally On Maui – Let Your Freedom Loop

To get the pdf flyer of the below cropped flyer, see it all directly at:



POSTED: 29 NOVEMBER 2007 - 10:00am HST

Rally For Maui – Let Your Freedom Loop

image above: Kahalui Harbor map for use of free people who want to exercise their rights

"Screw 'if by sea', when you've won by dry land."

A little birdy just gave this to me. See that it gets into as many of the right hands as possible, or maybe eyeballs. Do you know any people on Maui who drive?

But seriously, my advice: stay dry, let the HOMESEC USCG have their "ZONE"
Meahwhile, see how many laps on the Kamehameha-Hana-Ka`ahumanu-Lono-Loop you can log (at 2 miles per hour).

Then celebrate your victory. If lucky, you will shut them comepletely down. The least you can do is give them a big fat headache.

Either way Maui wins. Many hands make light work.

Tack this to your Fridge with a Magnet


stay dry.
stay out of the harbor.
stay out of trouble.
buckle-up for safety
make sure your tabs are current
make sure your blinkers work
keep your hands @ 10 and 2
top off your tank - good for the economy
converge at the target location
be on time
go as slow as you can possibly imagine.
smile and wave at friends and neighbors.
find out what happens when the ferry comes
celebrate drive-thru protesting
celebrate your victory.
throw a big party
get lots of sleep
wash rinse repeat.
aloha! imua!


image above: An interesting analogy between graphic elements by Jonathan Jay



POSTED: 29 NOVEMBER 2007 - 10:00am HST

Kahalui Harbor Rally Location

The Federal Register publication of the security zone for Kahului harbor does include the following:

In preparing this temporary rule, the Coast Guard made sure to consider the rights of lawful protestors. To that end, the Coast Guard excluded from the security zone a defined region which creates a sizeable area of water in which demonstrators may lawfully assemble and convey their message in a safe manner to their intended audience.

This area of the harbor not included in the security zone is completely accessible to anyone who desires to enter the water, and is fully visible to observers ashore, at the HSF mooring facility, aboard the HSF when transiting the harbor, and from the air.

Maui folks may want to prepare large banners to be displayed in the "free speech" zone which supposedly will be visible to the boat "and from the air" for those folks flying over Maui at the time (probably a Coast Guard airplane anxious to read the message).

Lanny Sinkin
PO Box 944
Hilo, HI 96721
(808) 936-4428

Monday, November 26, 2007

Fwd: Rally FOR Maui -- Hawaii Superferry

Maui Residents and Friends of Maui:

 Rally  FOR  Maui – Let Your Voice Be Heard



    The Superferry's arrival has been rescheduled again. 

Hawaii Superferry announced today that damage to the barge

in Kahului Harbor is greater than previously thought, and the

ferry's start date has been moved back to Thursday, December 6.  


Because of widespread public interest in turning out

for a rally on behalf of Maui it has been decided to hold the rally


rather than Thursday, 12/6, so that more people may participate. 


Updated information on the Rally FOR Maui will be available at   and   


          We are looking forward to a legal and peaceful

               expression from the community on behalf of Maui.


Irene Bowie,  Executive Director

Maui Tomorrow Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box 299, Makawao, HI 96768

Phone: 808-268-0303                        

                                 PLEASE, FORWARD TO YOUR EMAIL LIST


Here's the HSF press release on it:



November 26, 2007

Contact:   Lori Abe     808-539-3415




HONOLULU – Hawaii Superferry today announced it is moving the re-launch

date for service between Maui and O'ahu to Thursday, December 6, 2007. The

state DOT's Kahului barge sustained minor damage during a storm swell earlier

this month.

While repairs are estimated by the state DOT to be completed by November 30,

2007, additional time is warranted before service is resumed. The Alakai will be

returning to Kahului Harbor next week before the start of service to realign the

vessel with the pier and barge.

"Although we are excited and looking forward to resuming service between

Maui and O'ahu, we appreciate the efforts of the DOT and others to ensure the

readiness of our port facilities," said Hawaii Superferry president and CEO John

Garibaldi. "In the meantime, we are making all the necessary operational

adjustments to ensure we are in full compliance with the new regulations

including additional staff training and education."

All passengers who have booked travel between December 1 and December 5

are being contacted and are being refunded or accommodated for travel

beginning December 6.

Effective December 6, Hawaii Superferry will offer a daily round trip voyage

between O'ahu and Maui leaving Honolulu at 6:30 a.m. and arriving in Kahului

at 10:15 a.m.; departing Kahului at 11:15 a.m. and arriving in Honolulu at 2:15


Customers are encouraged to visit for the latest

promotional fares. Click on "Travel Information" to learn what you can bring

aboard, accessibility and other information.

# # # #

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Join the signatories of an open letter to HSf's Garibaldi

Join the signatories of an open letter to HSf's Garibaldi


Dear concerned citizens of Kaua`i-

RE: The Hawai`i Superferry (HSf),


Below is an open letter to the HSf that some of  people of Kaua`i have signed and we are asking you and your friends and neighbors to join us in signing.


It addresses well publicized attempts by HSf manager Mr. Garibaldi at "outreach",  in an effort to get Kaua`i people to welcome the Superferry and its automobile traffic into our community, despite the HSf's and State officials' well known and widely documented history of denial and disregard of our rights and our requests to the contrary.


Since the story thus far is well known and easily available we have not re-iterated it here for brevity sake


We ask you to sign onto this self-explanatory letter to say that we on Kaua`i will not participate in any  "outreach" while the actions of HSf - whether "legal" or not- continue to threaten our right to a safe, clean and healthful environment and to duly conduct our local planning decision making processes.


You may email to add your name to the signatory list. We plan on distributing the letter publicly with all signatories by  Monday 11/26 but earlier if circumstances dictate. So please sign on as soon as possible. Feel free to distribute this to others on Kaua`i for their consideration


Thanks to those who agreed to be original signatories and all those who supplied their mana`o in drafting.


We can hope this will help lead to a peaceful retreat by the HSf people and the state and cause no need for confrontation.




An Open Letter to John Garibaldi of Hawai`i Superferry and Hawai`i State officials


We, the undersigned residents of Kaua`i respectfully decline to participate in any of the reported  "outreach" efforts  of the Hawai`i Superferry (HSf).


The law may or may not say that it is legal for the HSf to come to Kaua`i. But even if the HSf can come to Nawiliwili, we Kaua`i residents don't have to either like or acquiesce to it.


We undersigned will not and cannot "put  behind us" the disrespect and violation of our constitutional right to a safe and healthy environment, as both Honolulu newspapers have editorially suggested.  It is, in fact, still in front of us.


The past and current actions of the State and the HSF are unacceptable. Our  environmental, cultural, social and economic rights have been stripped (Act 2) as have our rights to local planning processes, which were also "exempted" (HRS  266-2) by the State.


We will not meet with those who would willfully violate our rights just because they can and ask us to forgive the self-same trespasses they continue to promulgate.


We the undersigned  discourage visitors from taking advantage of the denial of our rights by coming here via the HSf. and we will use any and all legal means to discourage people from bringing their cars on the HSf, should the HSf and State decide to violate our rights to a clean, safe and healthy environment


We the undersigned welcome our visitors who travel and stay in accordance with our current infrastructure capacity through our official planning processes and designated methods of accommodating the up to 30,000 visitors who are here every day now.


Whether or not the HSf  can conduct an EIS that  "mitigates" the impacts of all those vehicles as well as secondary impacts across the island remains to be seen, as does their ability to comply with out county permitting regulation. Though these two "exemptions" appear to be legal according to some, we the undersigned will not respond to any "outreach" that does not start with compliance with those protections before the HSf comes to Kaua`i.


In addition, we the undersigned call on the Kaua`i County Council to declare HSf a public nuisance under State law (HRS � 46-17) due to the "dust, pollution, vibrations, noise and smoke" of  up to 560 cars coming on and off the HSf as well as many as 200 more picking up and dropping off passengers all converging upon the dock.


  • Andy Parx
  • Diana LaBedz,  World Citizen
  • Rev. Jeffrey Charles Fishman, Kauai Earth Network
  • Laurel Brier
  • Juan Wilson
  • Katy Rose, Kaua'i Alliance for Peace and Social Justice .
  • Ya Kaduce
  • Fred Dente
  • J�nos Samu
  • Erik Coopersmith
  • Paullie Purdy
  • Jane Taylor
  • Frank Marsh
  • Laura Marsh
  • Bill Chase
  • Richard A. Miller
  • Joan Levy
  • Lee Mentley
  • Ken Wilson
  • Debra Kekaualua
  • Bob Nesti
  • Marcia Sacco
  • John T. Strom
  • Andrea Noelani Brower
  • Glenn Mickens
  • Jin Pollock
  • Sherry Pollock
  • Bob Nesti
  • Stephanie Farago
  • Hope Kallai
  • Tim Kallai
  • Judy Waite
  • Karen Mavec
  • Rory Marsh
  • Brian Bodine
  • Larrisa Varaday
  • Hillary Moser
  • Mia Pauleto
  • Sandy Herndon
  • Richard Diamond
  • Siri Shabad
  • John Tyler Cragg,

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Open letter to Gov. Linda Lingle

Open letter to Gov. Linda Lingle

RE: Act 2, to allow an Inter-Island Ferry Service to operate while the state conducts an Environmental Assessment.

We, the undersigned organizations representing citizens of Kaua‘i and the Neighbor Islands, reject this Act, believing that it is unlawful, unconstitutional and immoral. The 40 plus conditions, included in Executive Order No. 07-10, if read carefully, have a bottom line: that the success of the Hawai‘i Superferry be ensured at any cost.

According to the Executive Order, the concern for the safety of marine mammals is secondary to the comfort of the ferry passengers, as stated in item A2(a), of the Executive Order. Furthermore, there is no method mentioned to determine “passenger comfort,” so it is apparently up to the discretion of the captain of the vessel. What parameters to define “passenger comfort” will the captain of the vessel use?

The dates listed for the humpback whale season in the bill are inaccurate and insufficient. The humpback whales are in our waters from November through May, and other species are here year round. In fact, The Garden Island newspaper reported on Oct. 20, that the humpbacks are already here.

NOAA recommends a speed limit of not more than 13 knots in whale waters. This bill allows a killing speed of 25 knots in sensitive areas. The truth is all Hawaiian waters are sensitive; there is no way to contain whales in a given location.

The agricultural and natural resource screenings as required by the bill will be virtually impossible to implement as described by the HSF corporation in its scheduled “turn around time” of 1 hour. Thorough physical inspections, we believe, would require at least 5 to 10 minutes per vehicle. Random screening is not sufficient.

We are concerned for our homes and our environment; we affirm that corporate business interests must come secondary to these considerations, especially when that corporate business so profoundly affects our culture and environment.

Under this act, the governor oversees and can amend the provisions of the law. It is only fair, under the circumstances, to have all operating conditions under the supervision of an independent agency, charged with the authority to implement appropriate sanctions. Indeed, what sanctions or consequences are established for failure to comply? If HSF is found to be non-compliant with the specified conditions, does the Oversight Task Force, as called for in section 1a(1), qualify as an independent agency and do they have this power? If HSF is found to be in non-compliance with Act 2, does that nullify and void the privilege of operation this law affords, requiring them to stop operation?

Knowing that, as Judge Cardoza stated in his Oct. 9, decision, “there is a real possibility of irreparable damage to the environment, to the way of life in this community,” we feel betrayed. We believe critical interests, including the environmental, cultural and social qualities of our lives, have been pushed aside by your actions. Therefore, we urge all citizens of Hawai‘i to join us in condemnation of this act. The way this act is written leaves the governor responsible for the consequences; we, therefore, go on record at this time, stating that we will hold the governor so accountable.
People for the Preservation of Kaua‘i

Thousand Friends of Kaua‘i

GMO Free Kaua‘i

Hawai‘i Ocean Noise Coalition



Kanaka Council of the Island of Hawai‘i

Kaua‘i Alliance for Peace and Social Justice

Surfrider Foundation, Kaua‘i Chapter

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Olympia harbor war protest police tactics: what can be learned from them

More than four hundred antiwar demonstrators marched through Olympia, Washington Saturday to protest the war in Iraq and the police brutality aimed at demonstrators in the past two weeks. Since November 7th, at least 66 people have been arrested and 150 others injured for trying to prevent military equipment from leaving the Port of Olympia. [includes rush transcript]
More than four hundred antiwar demonstrators marched through Olympia, Washington Saturday to protest the war in Iraq and the police brutality aimed at demonstrators in the past two weeks. Police beat back and repeatedly used pepper spray on peaceful demonstrators who were trying to stop outgoing military shipments to Iraq from the port of Olympia. At least 66 people have been arrested and 150 others injured since the protests began November 7th.

On Saturday, demonstrators used non-violent direct action to block military equipment for 17 hours and force a convoy back into the port.

Olympia Port Militarization Resistance is a group formed in 2006 by community peace activists. They wanted to "end their participation in the illegal occupation of Iraq by stopping the military use of the port of Olympia."

  • Phan Nguyen, member of Olympia Port Militarization Resistance and works as an IT specialist. He was arrested after participating in non-violent civil disobedience in the Port of Olympia in May of 2006 and the Port of Tacoma in March of 2007.


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AMY GOODMAN: More than four hundred antiwar demonstrators marched through Olympia, Washington Saturday to protest the war in Iraq and police brutality aimed at demonstrators in the past two weeks. Police beat back and repeatedly used pepper spray on peaceful protesters who were trying to stop military shipments to and from Iraq in the port of Olympia. At least 66 people have been arrested, 150 others badly injured since the protests began November 7th. On Saturday, demonstrators used non-violent direct action to block military equipment for 17 hours, forced a convoy back into the port.

Olympia Port Militarization Resistance is a group that was formed in 2006 by community peace activists. They wanted to "end their participation in the illegal occupation of Iraq by stopping the military use of the port of Olympia." Phan Nguyen as a member of Olympia Port Militarization Resistance, works as a IT specialist. He was arrested after participating in the non-violent protest in the port of Olympia in November 2006 and the port of Tacoma in March of 2007. Phan Nguyen joins us now from Seattle, Washington. We welcome you to Democracy Now!. Tell us what you have been doing in your group in the port of Olympia.

PHAN NGUYEN: Thanks Amy. What we have been doing is -- this has started since May 2006, in which the community has responded to the military's use of our port as pretty much a revolving door for war operations in Iraq. They have been using the port to ship striker vehicles to and from Iraq through the port of Olympia. And we decided enough is enough. We are not going to stand for it; we are not going to tolerated it. We have the power to do something about it, and, you know, we are just going to implement it. That is what the Port Militarization Resistance, or PMR is all about. It is about the local residents taking action and understanding that there are so many ways to challenge war, to challenge war and occupation. And we are going to explore every single way and we are going to get it done.

AMY GOODMAN: Well, the latest action in this last two weeks, first, what is a striker vehicle? Explain what that does. Now that wasn't going to Iraq but coming from Iraq, going over to Ft. Lewis, is that right?

PHAN NGUYEN: That is correct. These are striker vehicles from 3rd brigade, 3rd striker brigade, the second combat infantry division. They had actually left Olympia in May of 2006. And when they had left -- on their way out, we had actually blockaded them because we did not want to send them to Iraq. There were being sent in advance of the third striker brigade soldiers being sent to Iraq. And we were hoping by stopping the striker vehicles from reaching Iraq, we would prevent the deployment of the third brigade soldiers. Now the 3rd brigade has since returned, minus 48 soldiers who were killed in Iraq. And who knows how many Iraqis were killed as a result of 3rd brigade's deployment.

Now that they returned, their equipment is returning as well. And we are saying, no, we don't want the equipment to be returned only to be fixed and shipped back to Iraq for further use. It needs to end now. And we understand that the road to Iraq goes through the port of Olympia. And at that point, we decided we're going to block it again. This time, we are going to contain the vehicles, keep them from being sent to Ft. Lewis, keep it from being used again. And that is what we started doing a couple of weeks ago when this all began, when the ship arrived on Monday November 5th.

And so, what we ended up doing was creating blockades. We, as you had mentioned, we reclaimed our own port for 17 hours on November 9 and again on November 13. This is our port and we're going to take control of it. We started –- we actually were able to stop military shipments coming out of the port, while allowing civilian shipments to leave and or enter the port. As well on November 13th, there was a really powerful women's solidarity action in which 39 women were arrested, blockading the port, showing solidarity with the women of Iraq and showing their own strong solidarity this is the community in action. Other communities can follow our lead and do the same thing. We understand that it is possible and it just was far more successful beyond what we could have envisioned as long as you know that you can do this, as long as you know it is possible, then it is all yours. This is our community.

AMY GOODMAN: Phan Nguyen, we were just showing images of the police pepper spaying protesters and for our radio listeners, you can see the images on our website Can you describe the police response to this protest?

PHAN NGUYEN: Well, initially the Olympia police department decided that it would be more expedient not to arrest protesters. So instead, they used all sorts of weapons against us. They used the batons, bean bag grounds, pepper spray, pepper ball rounds, teargas, concussion grenades, and stinger balls. All of this because they felt that we, who are acting non-violently, who did not pose a threat to the police, somehow, they needed to get us out of the way without arresting us. And so they used all these tactics, which are going to come back to them. They are going to be held accountable for this. They are enabling the war and occupation to continue. And through their actions, which are just so heavy handed -- bystanders were also beaten, bystanders were pepper sprayed. It was just ridiculous. The police were out of control. And all of this in order to support this war and occupation, which the community has come together to say no to.

AMY GOODMAN: At this point, how many people have been arrested? And also, what has been the response of the Olympia community?

PHAN NGUYEN: At this point, there have been 66 arrests all together. The shipments have for the most part ended. And so yes there has been 66 arrests. The response from the community -- well, last Saturday, following the conclusion of the shipment of vehicles from the port of Olympia, we had a rally in support of the port protesters and there were over 400 people there showing their support, people from all around the community. There has been so much amazing solidarity in the Northwest. People from port towns in Washington all the way to Portland Oregon came to show their support, solidarity and joined us, joined this little community in resisting the war. And so, it has just been great.

AMY GOODMAN: Phan Nguyen, what are your plans now?

PHAN NGUYEN: Our plans are to continue. We want to help other people, assist other people in resisting the militarization of their ports. And we also encourage other communities to look around and just see what all the possibilities are and understand that they are capable of doing this. Last year when this started, all it was, was one person trying to lock the gates to the port and another person walking in front of a striker convoy. This time around, what we saw were hundreds of people chasing after these exact same striker convoys through the streets of downtown Olympia. It is possible. This is our community. This is our town. We're going to reclaim it and we are going to say no to war and occupation.

AMY GOODMAN: Phan Nguyen, I want to thank you very much for being with us, joining us from a Seattle studio but based an living in Olympia, Washington, the capital of Washington State. Phan Nguyen is with the Olympia Port Militarization Resistance project.

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Anna-Marie Murano
Phan Nguyen
Cell: 360-878-1401
Andrew Yankey
Cell: 360-349-1089
TJ Johnson, Olympia City Council Member
Wes Hamilton, Vietnam Veteran
Cell: 360-791-7484
Rob Whitlock, Photographer
Cell: 360-259-4291
Thirteen arrested while containing military convoys traveling through Olympia; community brutalized by Olympia Police Department
November 10th, 2007 - Thirteen anti-war demonstrators were arrested while attempting to contain Stryker vehicles from the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division from moving through the streets of Olympia, Washington.  Three of the arrests took place at the intersection of 4th and Plum St. in downtown Olympia.  Ten arrests took place at Union Street and Plum Street near the on ramp to I-5 North where anti-war demonstrators were in lock-down with PVC pipes locking their arms together.
With a commitment to non-violent actions, Olympia Port Militarization Resistance aims to end Olympia's participation in the illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq by stopping the US military's use of the Port of Olympia.  As of 3:10pm all thirteen are being held at City of Olympia Police Department Municipal Jail.
Before arrests were made dozens of protesters and bystanders report being brutalized by the Olympia Police Department (OPD). At 8:30am OPD appeared at the port in full riot gear, just over an hour later police were using batons and pepper spray on demonstrators blocking the shipment and bystanders as well.
Jeremy Pawloski who is reporting for the Olympian Newspaper for demonstrations since Monday, November 5th was witnessed being assaulted by police officers. Caitlin Esworthy reported seeing Pawloski struck in the upper body and shoved him back six feet. Tony Overman, photographer for The Olympian newspaper, was pepper sprayed according to eyewitness accounts. He was previously embedded with the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry division while they were deployed in Mosul, Iraq.
When asked for badge numbers police officers refused to comply with the law that requires individual officers to identify themselves. Some officers also covered up their badge numbers. Alex Dunn reported being reported being struck by a police baton in the face and his right side repeatedly. The officer who was assaulting him said to the effect " Do you want some more son? Do you want some more?" Another officer knocked the wind out of him when he struck him in the gut at which point Alex attempted to escape the abuse. Police then grabbed him from behind and pepper sprayed him at point blank range.
Kelly Beckham, one of numerous anti-war demonstrators directly sprayed in the eyes with pepper spray, said, "I was in agony because I didn't know what was happening. I couldn't see anything and they had to carry me away. I was really angry. They wouldn't let the medics approach anyone who had been hurt. This is nothing compared to the suffering of the Iraqi people." Alex Patia, 18 year old said, "I have been through lots of painful medical procedures and I was in the most pain I have ever felt in my life, but I want to see an end to this war and my actions today are my patriotic duty."
Many protesters wore goggle to protect themselves from chemical attack. Andrew Yankey reported the officer in charge giving the orders, "Take off their goggles. Spray under their goggles." He also witnessed police stealing water from demonstrators, drinking it and laughing at demonstrators as they were in agony. Pepper spray causes immediate swelling of the eyes, severe pain, upper body spasms, difficulty breathing, coughing and may cause severe allergic reactions in some individuals. Repeated exposure can cause long lasting changes in vision.
Olympia Port Militarization Resistance is caring for community members affected by the brutality inflicted upon them and will not be deterred in their non-violent struggle to de-militarize the Port of Olympia.
Photographs of today's demonstrations may be obtained from Rob Whitlock, 360-259-4291,,

Court clarifies traffic issues for ferry

Court clarifies traffic issues for ferry

A judge on Maui lets stand some traffic controls at the harbor


The Hawaii Superferry will not have to stagger the departure of customers' vehicles to two per minute out of a Maui harbor, under a court decision on the Valley Isle yesterday.

But Maui Circuit Judge Joel August ordered the state to keep in force three hours of traffic control at Kahului Harbor during Superferry departures and arrivals.

August also raised constitutional questions about a state executive order about the Superferry.

Superferry President John Garibaldi said the firm will restart operation to Maui as planned on Dec. 1.


WAILUKU » The Hawaii Superferry will be allowed to offload motor vehicles at a quicker rate under a ruling by a Maui Circuit Court judge.

Superferry President John Garibaldi said he is pleased with Judge Joel August's decision to lift an order restricting traffic flow to two vehicles a minute from the ship when docked at Kahului Harbor.

Garibaldi said the Superferry is moving ahead with plans to relaunch its Oahu-Maui service on Dec. 1.

He said before resuming operations on Kauai, Superferry officials are talking with community leaders on the Garden Isle. "We've started a process of reaching out to the community," Garibaldi said.

But August let some traffic controls stand yesterday.

He ordered state transportation officials to assign three state employees to traffic control at the harbor entrance and exit gates and at the intersection of North Puunene and Kaahumanu avenues 90 minutes before and after the arrival of the Superferry.

State Deputy Attorney General William Wynhoff had argued that recent legislation exempted the Superferry from complying with prior court orders about traffic mitigation measures.

A jury-waived trial before August is scheduled for Feb. 25 in Maui Circuit Court, where Maui groups and the state are expected to argue whether mitigation measures for the harbor have been adequate.

"I'm glad Judge August ruled as he did (leaving some traffic controls in place)," said Irene Bowie, executive director of Maui Tomorrow, one of the groups challenging the Superferry's operation. "Traffic is a real concern in that area."

Bowie said the trial could touch upon harbor traffic and changes in recreational use, including canoe paddling.

August said the state has been offering contradictory arguments. First, the state argues that the harbor improvements were part of a general project and not just for the Superferry, but now the state says the exemptions for the harbor improvements are for the ferry operation, the judge noted.

August also raised constitutional questions about the state's interpretation of the recent state exemption from the environmental laws for the Superferry.

He said the state's interpretation would appear to compel changes to the court's findings made under previously existing environmental law.

The judge also raised questions about a state executive order by Gov. Linda Lingle giving transportation officials the authority to require the Superferry to retain security guards "to direct traffic, control signals and respond to unforeseen traffic problems during vehicles' loading or unloading in ports of operation."

August said taken literally, the executive order could mean private security may take over the flow of traffic on public roadways.

August said he had some question about how such power can be delegated to a private entity in light of the obligation of the police to enforce existing law.

In his ruling, August also decided to return the road striping of Puunene Avenue to its original configuration of two lanes of traffic leaving and entering the harbor, after listening to testimony from Maui police Lt. Wayne Ibarra.

Traffic had been changed to three lanes entering Kaahumanu Avenue and one lane leading from it.

Ibarra said overall, traffic moved better under the original configuration.

State legislation passed during a special session last month allowed the Superferry to resume operation before it prepared an environmental impact study, and lifted an Aug. 27 court ruling halting operation.

Star-Bulletin stringer Wendy Osher contributed to this report.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Video of attack by “ITT security” near PMRF



POSTED: 16 NOVEMBER 2007 - 7:00am HST

Video of attack by "ITT security" near PMRF
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video above: video of ITT security confronting and manhandling Kauai resident.

This is raw un-edited footage of an Attack by ITT and Pacific Missile Range Facility security on a videorgraphy teacher of youths in watersports activities outside the base property. Since Mr. Sato was video taping the youths body boarding for a show, he wanted lifestyle video footage for their library so he started to video tape the security personnel outside the PMRF base.

This looked like another activity the Pacific Missile Range Facility uses to acquire more land outside the base property.

Any activity by base personnel outside the base could have been conducted WITHIN the base property. By using public land it demonstrates their intention to take more land from the local citizens of Kauai.



POSTED: 15 NOVEMBER 2007 - 11:00am HST

Assault by ITT Security Guardoff Mana Navy base

image above: logo of the ITT corporation is reminiscent of the swatzstika

by Andy Parx on 16 November  2007 for the Parx News Network

(PNN) -- Video confirms Bob Sato's charges of assault and battery and terroristic threatening. against an armed ITT security guard last Wednesday. Sato was cited by police for disorderly conduct..

The video shows an easily identifiable ITT guard wrestling with and threatening Sato, followed by an apparent struggle for the spinning camera before the other eight armed forces intervened.

Sato was apparently aware that there was a rifle range on the mauka side of the dune but at first the guards only asked Sato to go and Sato asked a PMRF security uniformed officer why he had to leave a public beach.

Suddenly an ITT security guard came over and started to threaten Sato over the taping he was doing.

"So what, you guys going to get shot" the guard said as Sato continued to tape, Then he attacked Sato.

Sato can be heard to say "I'm going to leave" but, although the assault stopped momentarily, it then continued, camera spinning, obscenities flying the guard attempting to seize the camera.

As the assault continued the ITT guard threatened Sato who said "let go of my camera" repeatedly with the assailant saying "I'll throw it in the water... put that camera away or I'll broke um".

After the physical fracas was over the verbal one continued.

The PRMF officer can be heard asking Bob to leave, which he was apparently doing although still taping. The officer kept stressing Sato was "just fighting the government" Sato stressed his "free speech" right to continue taping.

The assailant kept threatening Sato and finally Sato said he would put the video on TV in response to a question from the assailant. The ITT security man made a final apparently terroristic threat against Sato.

"What- you threatening me?" he said. When Sato reiterated his right to tape on public property saying the assailant had already grabbed him by the neck with the camera, with a full frame video capture of his face the man said "Don't come up in my face cause I going grab you and it's going be broken"

TV producer attacked by ITT Security near PMRF
by Andy Parx on 14 November  2007 for the Parx News Network

(PNN) -- Popular Kaua`i kids'-sports TV producer Robert "Bob" Sato was accosted today in Mana by eight gun-toting ITT-uniformed individuals and had his camera ruined while setting up for a shoot for a surfing program..

The incident occurred about 9 a.m. on an off-Navy base beach, just mauka of the race track.

Sato said he called the police to report the incident and later in the day was ticketed for "disturbing the peace" at his house.

Sato says the ITT personnel said they were there doing "target practice" by shooting into the ocean and demanded he leave. Sato says he told them he was working on his program filming water sports with children.

Sato says when he said he wouldn't leave and started taping the leader of the group yelled "I'm gonna throw that camera in the ocean". Sato says he was then physically accosted by the "ITT-security" labeled polo-shirted brigade and his camera was torn from his hands with concurrent repeated demands to ":gimme the tape... gimme the tape"

Sato says he did however recover the tape and expects to play it on his regular program "Foundations of the Future For Youth" on Kaua`i public access Channel 52 "within a week . . . if not in a few days,"

The clip is also awaiting posting on U-Tube although Sato says he "needs help" to post the already digitized and filed footage of the assault. .

After reporting the event to Kaua`i Police Sato says he went home and kept calling KPD. So did ITT according to Sato's telephone conversations with the police. Finally when an officer did arrive to, what Sato thought, take his report he says he was "read my rights" and then, not arrested but given a ticket for "disturbing the peace" .

The police officer, Sato says, would not listen to anything he had to say, he processed Sato and left.

Sato has a court date for December 14th, 2007.

Sato can be reached at Bob Sato

ITT and the Kaua`i County Spokesperson were not available for comment at press time.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Hawaii's SuperFerry Folly

For Immediate Release
Contact: Moanikeala Akaka
Former Trustee of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Hawaii's SuperFerry Folly

The Superferry is a 350 ft long military spec transport Catamaran.

by Moanikeala Akaka
Former Trustee of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs

There seems to be no limit to what they'll do to make corporate profiteers comfortable!
Is it not a crime to override two court decisions, both the State Supreme and lower court, and call a special session of the State Legislature to cater to arrogant Superferry Corporation owners? The uncaring Hawai'i State Government has refused to protect our 'aina
["Land"] and ocean, and has circumvented the requirement that the law be followed with an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement).
The crime is in ignoring the Court decisions and circumventing Statutes requiring an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS.) If this was not done in collusion with Governor Lingle's administration, then it was malfeasance. Collateral damage of this nefarious episode is the undermining of the 30 year old Environmental Law itself.
Yet Kaua'i people who felt "backed against the wall" by the cavalier attitude of Superferry and the State going against the Supreme Court ruling are being chastised and accused of lacking the Aloha Spirit for their practice of Aloha 'Aina [Note: Love of the Land] and for protecting their 'aina [Land] and homes on Kaua'i.
How hollow and meaningless this makes our traditional Hawaiian value system of Aloha 'Aina, which ironically is touted in the State 2050 Sustainability Plan as our guide into the future.
One wonders how the decision to ignore an EIS for Superferry was made ONLY within the Department of Transportation without consultation with the Attorney General or Governor Lingle while the issue was in court. Is this a cover-up?
The Governor's proposed "Unified Command" threatens protesters with a Coast Guard flotilla -- this smacks of police state tactics. Those citizens who question and protest these proceedings are further intimidated with the threat of child endangerment charges should their surfer teenager end up as part of the protest.
This Superferry gang and Governor Lingle will apparently go to any legal and extra legal lengths to undermine Judge Cardoza and the State Supreme Court's prudent rulings.
There are those of us on the neighbor islands, native and non-native alike, who believe the phrase "Keep the Country, Country" is not just an idle phrase on a bumper-sticker. The issue is broader than the Superferry itself. It is the loss of our quality of life - the soul, the mana [Note: Spiritual Power] of our Islands.
We don't want the urbanization, concrete jungle and freeway traffic jams of 'Oahu. Nor do we want our natural resources pillaged like the three truck loads of river pohaku [Rocks] from 'Iao Stream on Maui that would have been transported by Superferry to 'Oahu. The perpetrators were charged and will be tried.
A proper and thorough EIS from the beginning would have addressed these issues and others that are sure to arise, and we would not be a divided citizenry on the Superferry issue as we are today.
The legislature that met for 6 days to sell out Hawaiis' people and our environment, foolishly convened a special session to bail out Superferry and the Governor, both of whom ignored the law written over 30 years ago to protect the environment, possibly before the Governor moved here from the Mainland. That is part of our problem here in Paradise: some newcomers move here and try to make us into whatever it was they left behind on the mainland. They think we are "country bumpkins!"
The Superferry President and CEO, John Garibaldi, had already stated that they will not go slower than 37 knots (over 42 mph or about 60 ft
per second.) This is twice as fast as any current large ocean going vessel within these Islands. The Superferry's route is within Maui's whale calving waters and is sure to slash and kill any whale on impact with the Catamaran's knife like hulls, according to expert testimony in Judge Cardoza's court.
It is not that we are against the Superferry and having alternative transportation between our Islands; we are positively against Superferry and the State Administration not protecting us-- the People-- and our natural resources. Instead of following the law ­ regarding Superferry ­ the Legislature and Governor changed it at a whim for CORPORATE interests!
What price paradise? Auwe! [Rough translation: In mourning and wailing as if at a Funeral.]
Yet this issue is not over. With their "new law" intended to circumvent Judge Cardoza's ruling, the State hopes to dissolve the injunction that prohibits the Superferry operation while the EIS is being worked out. Opponent attorney, Isaac Hall, will argue that the injunction must stand because the "new law" is unconstitutional. The hearing is set for November 14 on Maui. Stay tuned!
Ua mau ke ea o ka 'aina I ka pono! Translation: The life of the Land is perpetuated in righteousness. Hawaiian state motto passed on from King Kamehameha III when he saw the dangers of the impact of the invasion from America.
Moanikeala Akaka is a Native Hawaiian woman whose roots have been in Hawaii for over 1200 years. One of a handful who started the modern movement for Justice for her people and land almost 40 years ago. She is a former Trustee of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. (12 years) She initiated Hawaii County ordinances making Hawaii Island the first and largest nuclear free zone in America in 1980. She also works actively for public health, legal and social services, AARP and Peace issues. Contact Akaka at
Distributed by Bob Nichols, a Project Censored Award Winner and correspondent for the San Francisco Bay View newspaper. Nichols covers War, Politics and America's Nuclear Weapons Labs. Nichols filed an official statement about radiation detection irregularities in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. Contact Nichols at in San Francisco at 415-992-NEWS, or 6397, or Email

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