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Superferry To Announce Future Thursday morning 6:30am

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Superferry To Announce Future
Thursday  (Live on TV - 6:30am)

Options Include Leaving, Waiting, Supreme Court Reconsideration

HONOLULU -- The Hawaii Superferry will hold a news conference on Thursday morning to announce it future plans.

Island Television News This Morning will carry that news conference live from Pier 19.

Possible options for the Superferry include packing up and getting out of Hawaii for good, wait the months it would take to complete a new environmental review in hopes of resuming service here, or seeking reconsideration by the state Supreme Court.
The governor said she hopes the Supreme Court will take another look at it's ruling that the law was unconstitutional to allowed the Superferry to operate while completing its environmental review.

"The Legislature is looking at perhaps requesting a reconsideration along with us. Ask the Supreme Court to take another look at this beyond the Superferry issue. There are larger implications from the decision," Lingle said.

The governor said the Supreme Court decision is too broad because it said the Legislature can never do anything to favor one group over another but that is what lawmakers do every day.

Superferry makes its last round trip for now to Maui to return stranded vehicles and customers to their homeports on Thursday.

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