Friday, August 31, 2007

A humorous look at Superferry's reasoning

Superferry Bad for Hawaii's Sealife?
By Neil Rhoads, 8/30/2007

I was just told that a Superferry official is quoted as saying that since the Superferry has no propellers, it does not pose a hazard to sea life. This person has a bright future waiting if they ever become a state Department of Transportation official. Imagine how this kind of thinking could simplify life for automobile drivers.

Cars and trucks have no propellers, therefore, at speeds up to 42 mph they should pose no hazard to dogs, cats, and little children. No more slowing down in school zones. Cars and trucks are blunt, so kids should be able to bounce right off and be just fine. Wait, that's not fair. School zones are heavily populated, so maybe we should have drivers plow through at 25 mph or so. Residential streets are sparsely populated, though, so cruising along at 42 mph, a dull thud from the occasional dog, cat, child, or monk seal won't be noticed.

While we're at it, think of the money the state could make by licensing jet skis in Molokini and Hanauma Bay. Like the Superferry, they are propelled by jets of water and pose no hazard. Snorklers young and old will simply bounce off the hull and be just fine. Oh, parasailing boats are jet powered too, so we could lift the ban and let them operate during whale season. Think of the possibilities…

Neil Rhoads, a resident of Kihei, Maui, can be reached at