Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kaua'i residents: Organized Resistance info

Affinity Groups
for Nonviolent Direct Action
to Stop the Superferry

Come Together

Below is a list of affinity groups with which you can join in helping to stop the Superferry. If you see an action listed which you would like to be involved with or support, then contact the “convener”. If you don’t see something listed which you really want to do, then let us know that you would like to convene a new affinity group for your action! We will let other people know how to join your affinity group. This way we will keep organizing and gaining momentum. Please share this list with others who want to get involved.

People Get Ready

Direct Action affinity groups for Tuesday, August 28th and beyond.
We will gather at Nawiliwili Park beginning at 3:00 pm,
each day the Superferry is scheduled to arrive on Kaua'i.

Show your True Colors!
Convener: Gordon
Topic: Banners
Plan of Action: Let Gordon know if you can hold a banner, or would like to create an new one.

For the Artists!
Convener: Josh
Topic: Street Theatre Performances on the 28th and later.
Plan of Action: Performances voicing concerns with emotion and humor, dramatizing the reasons to stop the Superferry.

What? That ticket price is too high!
Convener: Rich
Topic: Ticket Line-up
Plan of Action: Line up to (not) purchase a ticket for the Superferry at 2:00pm on August 28 and beyond.

Traffic Jammin!
Convener: Phillip
Topic: Gridlock
Plan of Action: Get everyone you know to drive to Nawiliwili Road at 5:30pm on August 28 and beyond. Drive the road – turn around and drive back. The more cars the better.

Positive Vibrations.
Convener: Jimmy
Topic: Music and Sounds
Plan of Action: Provide a sound system and music (live and canned) for pre-rally entertainment and rally information sharing. Recruit musicians, poets, stagehands, and production folks to assist with arts and entertainment options for August 28.

For the whole family!
Convener: Anne
Topic: Wearing Black
Plan of Action: All wear black; bring kids, hold signs, alternating chanting and silence.

An American Tradition.
Conveners: Paul, Steve
Contact Information: Steve: 647-0152,
Topic: Civil Disobedience
Plan of Action: Nonviolence Training on Saturday the 25th, location t.b.a. -- contact via email. Training is only for those who are willing to participate. Please read all the source literature on Civil Disobedience before contacting.

Keeping the Faith

Fun With Media!
Help us get into the news media!
Convener: Richard
Topic: T.V., Radio, Print Media
Plan of Action: Advertising people, video and camera people, press release writers, spokespeople, interviewers, computer designers and graphics people, video editor, letters to the editors.

Create a flyer, pass it on.
Convener: Nina
Topic: Fliers
Plan of Action: Flyers and PR to pass out with visual impact and facts on marine mammal hits and deaths.

A vigil, continued.
Convener: Elaine
Topic: Daily Demonstrations through the month of September
Plan of Action: The convener has the calendar of those who have signed up to protest and will contact them all. Participation from different organizations plus phone numbers on a large September calendar will be managed by the convener and others who are managing banners and signs.

Taken from the website for Kaua'i resistance