Wednesday, February 6, 2008

20 second Video of Superferry's Wild Ride

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Karen Chun said...

One of the things that is puzzling me is that supposedly the one million people on 'Oahu felt they absolutely could not live without the Superferry, but hardly anyone is using it! Where are all the folks who pressured the legislature to overrule environmental law and common sense?

I'm beginning to think it was a PR lie.

Today, the first day of running after Superferry left people stranded on Maui, we saw something like 90 vehicles leaving Maui including the National Guard. This was much more than usual so I think maybe a lot of people flew over to get their vehicles off Maui and back to their homes.

I wonder how cheap that turned out to be and if they also were stranded over here, waiting, waiting....for the Superferry to come back and get them?

Maui Mayor Charmaine Tavares forbid county employees on County business to use County funds to take the Superferry until it does an EIS. Smart woman, our Mayor. Air flight costs less than and our people don't get stranded on 'Oahu!

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