Saturday, February 2, 2008

Superferry Repairs Keep Ship In Harbor

More lies from Superferry...blame it on the weather, rather than broken rudder...

When does Superferry actually tell the truth???? 

Superferry Repairs Keep Ship In Harbor

Coast Guard Says Vessel Must Undergo Sea Trials

POSTED: 9:57 am HST February 1, 2008
UPDATED: 11:08 am HST February 1, 2008
The Hawaii Superferry announced on Thursday afternoon it was resuming service to Maui on Friday, but canceled those plans several hours later.The Coast Guard said the Superferry must undergo "sea trials" before it gets the green light to resume service.A representative for the Superferry said there was an "unexpected delay" in the completion of repair work. A public relations firm representing the company said the vessel has been out of service since Sunday because of bad weather.

On Wednesday, the company confirmed there were cracks involving an "auxiliary rudder." Work crews started making the repairs on Thursday."Sea trials are conducted basically to check and ensure that the vessel's integrity is worthy," Petty Officer Luke Clayton said. "So, even if it's something that seems minute, if the marine inspector sees it as being an important piece of the vessel in order for it to operate, then it needs to be fixed in order to resume operations."The Superferry maintained that it was the weather and not the repairs that kept it from sailing between Sunday and Wednesday. The company said the repair work is expected to be complete on Friday.The Superferry said it contacted passengers about the cancellation. It expects to resume service on Saturday, weather permitting.