Thursday, September 27, 2007

Greg Kaufman of Pacific Whale Foundation: His sharing for our environmental cause

From: Greg Kaufman
Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 8:22 PM

Thursday will be the sixth day I will have sat in the witness stand.
The importance of my tenure can not be underscored enough and is not
missed by HSF and HDOT.

This is THE case.  Both sides realize it.

For HSF and HDOT they will spend the next two days trying to discredit
any and everything Pacific Whale Foundation or I have ever done or

This is the voice of 200 million dollars.

It is not the voice of reason.

It is a desperate and pathetic cry for self-survival.

Over the next 48 hours my voice will ring for every child that we have

Every person who has seen a whale for the first time.

For the freedom and magic of wild dolphins.

For curious turtles and shy fishes.

For waves.

For wind.

For the ocean.

For the right of self expression.

This is the voice of Hawaii.

The voice of its people, its' heritage and its' culture.

The ocean and its creatures are sacred and must be protected.

While Pacific Whale Foundation may be but a thread in this intricate
web, without our 'thread' -- our voice -- it all fails.

In the next 48 hours focus not on the disparaging remarks or idle
threats, but what is pono --  what is good and right.

Now is when we stand up, collectively, for the rights of whales,
dolphins, marine life and their ocean home.

This is the last stand -- the first stand -- the start of the new
beginning where the public's voice, the whale's songs and the dolphin
cries are heard anew.