Thursday, September 6, 2007

Superferry: Bad for local construction tradesmen, fi

Superferry: Bad for local construction tradesmen, fishermen, AND the
Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2007 02:22:38 -0000

Pass it on-- many local work trades will be adversely affected by

What Superferry would mean to Neighbor Island Businesses

excerpt from New York Times article
September 5, 2007
Hawaii Ferry Sits Idle Amid Protests and Court Rulings

In addition, the ferries threaten many local businesses, said James H.
Wright, a corporate lawyer and longtime observer of Hawaii’s
economy, like the inter-island shipping company, three local airlines
and car rental companies. “It will also change the dynamics of
nonunion trades,” Mr. Wright said. “Now, it’s more
expensive to get work like roofing or plumbing done in the neighbor
islands. But with the Superferry, Oahu tradesmen will be able to take
their trucks on the ferry and undercut the locals.” The
Superferry will also carry S.U.V.’s and trailered boats, allowing
Oahu fishermen frustrated by the island’s depleted waters to gain
access to the richer grounds of Maui and Kauai â€" to the
discontent of local fisherman. Those boats might also involuntarily
carry bits of Eucheuma seaweed, which is devastating Oahu’s
biggest bay, to the neighboring islands.

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