Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Letter to the Editor: A Genuine win-win Superferry-EIS proposal

A Genuine win-win Superferry-EIS proposal

The Superferry is publicizing it will go into default on its loans if it is not allowed to operate, and thus its boats will be used elsewhere for other revenue generating ventures by its investors (private military contractors mostly).

Here's a novel idea:  What if the United States Congress passed a resolution to defer the federal loan payments on the Superferry project, until the Hawai'i Supreme Court affirmed EA/EIS is complete?  The unproven Superferry could then remain idle, without financial obligation.

Letting the Superferry operate while an EA/EIS is being done is as unethical as supporting unprotected risky sex practices while an AIDS test is underway.  Kaua'i and the other neighbors do not want Russian Roulette being played with our home.  Many O'ahu residents still need to understand that.

An act of Congress takes Superferry's publicized financial worry off the table, the neighbor islands get their lawful EA/EIS to have honest safeguards for endangered whales, no mongoose on Kaua'i, traffic, drugs, and cultural issues honestly and thoroughly addressed.

O'ahu residents simply continue to travel by plane as has been done for decades, while knowing their ahonui (patience) is truly expressing aloha for all.  A genuine win-win for generations to come.

In Gratitude,

John Tyler
PO Box 76
Anahola HI 96703