Saturday, September 1, 2007

No EIS is like risking AIDS

Published in the Honolulu Star-Buletin
August 30, 2007

As one of the Kaua'i protesters of the Superferry, and the director of, I wish to give a relevant analogy as how O'ahu friends could relate to the motives of the Kauaian family:

What the Superferry has attempted to do without an EA/EIS is like an anxious boyfriend wishing to have unprotected sex, without a preliminary AIDS test, to his new girlfriend (Kaua'i).  The parents, brothers and sisters of Kaua'i are wary of this  "boyfriend", until he gets "tested", and treats their daughter/sister with respect.

As it was, this new boyfriend, said "I don't care, I got exempted by an uncle that the courts said was wrong...I proclaim MYSELF to not carry a disease, and I'll have all the minimally or unprotected sex I want, while telling my new gal, I really love ya".

The Protesters of Kaua'i simply say, "Mr. Garibaldi--prove it in the EA/EIS test that you're clean....then we feel safe that you can date our daughter."  And just because other suitors (Matson, YB, etc) didn't have AIDS tests, as the test wasn't around then, two or three wrongs don't make a right.  You, Superferry, are what--20 times more potent a risk by weekly maritime volume, and can't reliably check the volume of your passenger/cars with the quick turn over that your mode has.  That needs to be fixed too.

And to Mr. Fukunaga/Gov. Lingle, we didn't enjoy you offering to pimp our sister as simply "good for business."

"your upset and empowered Kaua'i relatives"

John Tyler