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The Rabid Reporter
by Andy Parx
NO LOUD BARKING   ALLOWED: When the Hawai`i Superferry (HSf) returns to Maui tomorrow (Thursday 12/12),  the island apparently has no one to blame but themselves- and they have compounded their errors by vehemently banning people who want to perform non-violent civil disobedience from "their " protests.
By "their" I mean Maui's three "plaintiffs"- Maui Tomorrow (MT), Kahului Harbor Coalition (KHC) and the Maui Sierra Club (SC).
In a flurry of press releases their message is increasingly clear- "illegal" activity won't be tolerated at their once-postponed, Saturdays-only "Rally for Maui" this weekend . When people said they were going to protest the day the boat came back "they" appropriated the Thursday date too as "their" demonstration and strongly declared anyone doing anything "illegal" to be persona non grata at the docks during "their" events.
It might be different if the grand tradition of non-violent civil-disobedience (NVCD) never crossed any of their minds. But this was done with extreme intent and after numerous communications from many Kaua`i HSf activists who begged them to at least not condemn NVCD... or better still "shut up about" it" as, one Kaua`i SC member put it.
But noooooo. Even after Lanny Sinkin described on the infamous KGMB-TV "FBI" piece a letter he wrote advising those who would be involved in NVCD to consider the 30-years-in-federal-prison legal consequences- and advised them to make out their wills and decide if, in the Little Big Man vernacular, "it's a good day to die"-   he said if people wanted to do that, "god bless 'um"
But MT, SC and KHC couldn't wait to run away from NVCD, hence the proviso.
You would think they'd guess why the boat's headed for Maui and not Kaua`i. It just may be because the people here on Kaua`i not only have the courage to take direct action against to what many consider a kind of  state-sponsored terrorism,  but the others of us apparently have the courage to not condemn their neighbors who would lie down in the street to block the ferry traffic or even form a water convoy.
Kaua`i is pretty much united in saying no to the third world-like corruption of democracy Hawai`i has seen in the HSf debacle, whether they want a stupid ferry or not. One would hope it's the death knell for plantation mentality but that remains to be seen.
What with the Maui plaintiffs' 29 conditions that green-lighted Act 2 to go through with no protections by admitting an EIS wasn't necessary before the HSF started,   their lack of an appeal to the State Supreme Court of the circuit court's injunction-lifting ruling and now calling on people to adhere to a joke of a protest process by  corralling them in a free speech zone...it's no wonder.
Kaua`i really has no leadership in opposing the HSf... it's just like no one wants it nowadays- whether they wanted it before or not. Some want "a" ferry but you'd be hard pressed to find people who want "this" ferry.
Have Maui's people given up or it just their leadership? We'll find out won't we?
c 2007 Andy Parx, PNN

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