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Varroa destructor bee mites are found near Superferry in HNL port area

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Subject: Varroa mites are downtown and the Super Ferry is in port

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Subject: Varroa mites are downtown and the Super Ferry is in port

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Subject: Varroa mites are downtown and the Super Ferry is in port

Aloha Senator Toluca, Representative Tsuji et colleg:  Last Tuesday afternoon, November 26, we removed a large hive of bees that were infestsed with Varroa destructor mites from a pipe flange on the roof of 206 Merchant Street, which is literally a stone's throw from where the Super Ferry was berthed at the time. . . and had been berthed for about 2 weeks.
Our concern is that feral colonies close to any port or airport, such as this one,  were to have been removed physically or through the use of attractant or toxicant-baited traps, by the HDOA long ago.  If the HDOA is actually conducting active monitoring and surveillance, and if an effective trapping and extermination program is in place, there should be no more feral colonies in the zoosanitary cordon zones around these sensitive facilities.  Whatever the HDOA claims to be doing, it is not preventing feral hives from existing in, and swarms from entering into, and the sanitary cordon around our ports and airports. 
I request that the leadership in the House and Senate agriculture committees, together with industry and HDOA representatives make on site inspections. at the earilest posssible date,  of the current Varroa mite control measures being taken by the HDOA at each of the pier areas of the Port of Honolulu, at Honolulu International Airport, at Wheeler Army Air Base and at other key sites of interisland traffic.  MMK

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