Friday, December 7, 2007

Maui protests rescheduled to coincide with new relaunch of SF

From: Karen Chun

Phew! Hard to keep up with all these Superferry cancellations and gnarly weather. Possibly Kanaloa is as displeased with killing the 'amakua. For those who are interested, here's the scoop on rallies:

First day of Superferry arrival (currently Thursday, December 13) Give Back our Harbor rally 9am at Ka'ahumanu and Pu'unene. If they change, then the rally changes too.

First Saturday of Superferry operation (currently December 15) Rally For Maui 9am, same place. Again, if they cancel, we move the rally to the new Saturday.

Up-to-date information is available at Let's remember that no matter what, we aloha our law enforcement and Coast Guard.