Sunday, December 9, 2007

Garden Island News letter

Submitted to TGI regarding their Superferry position editorial:

Superferry Bogus Law: What the big print giveth, the small taketh away

Thank you for stating how your paper feels with regard to the issue of the Superferry (Dec 7 editorial). Your prevailing assumption is unknowingly flawed—the one that TGI and for that matter, many people in the state don't know, and should tip the scale for even the Garden Island to err on the side of proponents safeguarding Kaua'i from Superferry's will.

Within the Superferry Bill passed in special session by the legislature, the Governor's hand crafted words through her Attorney General gut the effectiveness of the special law's EIS on Superferry.  What the large print gives, the small print takes away. In the details, and I can point you to them, The EIS to be done only requires AN EXPLANATION of why Lingle will allow each found impact harm. It also doesn't fund more ag inspectors to check Superferry, nor stop Superferry from going at established reckless speeds through whale calving waters.

The new law's EIS is a sham, special interest legislation that has a specific purpose of keeping Superferry going, regardless of the cost.  What prudent, sane society in the first place would allow a large new mode of business to operate WHILE a key test meant to see if irreparable harm would be caused is done?

Please, dear TGI, check out your facts instead of staying ignorant. The Governor's enforcement of her EIS in the new law is purposefully weak.  Then you can clearly join the people holding for the long term benefit of the place we all call home.