Saturday, December 1, 2007

Report from Maui's rally today: humor and heart.

Subject: Eastside Hui Ku'e 'O Maui

(Photos can be seen at above link)

What an uplifting event!  We had about 40 folks from Keanae and Hana show up.  Steve Hokoana from Wailua led the event.  We had the Kaua'i "Cuz, No Take Superferry" banner that was in the water at Nawiliwili Harbor.  Plenty mana, that.

First there was a pule by a Christian minister.  Subject was ridding hate and anger from your heart so that we can go in harmony with God's will.  He made that a metaphor for ridding the bad influences from our land (gee, wonder what he could have been talking about?)

Then we marched along Ka'ahumanu and set up across the street from Hawaii Superferry dock yard.

Steven would call out "A'ole Superferry" and everyone would call back "A'ole" as they shook their hands in the direction of the Superferry yard.  No one said this, but I know there was one Kahuna there so I think the Superferry might have gotten pretty thoroughly cursed.

Not that it needs our cursing since the hoailono seem to be very negative on it -- like the barge breaking loose the very day of the lifting of the injunction.

Anyway, everyone was honking, throwing us the shaka, waving and a good time was had by all.  Lots of smiles and support from everyone passing by.

Oh and too funny, this.  There was some Homeland security type sneaking around inside the fenced Superferry yard, hiding behind vehicles taking photos of us.  We called out, "Quit sneaking around and come show yourself" and she slunk away.

After an hour and a half, we marched back to where our cars were and had another pule.  Steven's wife who is a Hawaiian Immersion teacher gave the pule in Hawaiian.  Then Steven ended by reminding us that people may try to provoke us but we must stay calm and peaceful.

It was another of those wonderful, uplifting events that refresh the soul.

Mahina Martin, the Mayor's PR person was there watching and I mentioned to her how concerned we are that the Sheriffs are not meeting with us.  The MPD, DLNR and Coast Guard have all been in touch so that we understand each other.  But the Sheriff's are keeping to themselves and no one really knows what's up with that...very unusual (and bad) behavior.

Star Bulletin, Maui TV, Akaku and other new agencies were there.

The next two rallies are to be peaceful and law abiding.  But I want to say something very important to those who may engage in or see others doing nonviolent resistance.

Remember that part of nonviolent resistance is that you will be arrested.  So the job of the resistor is to get arrested (in the end) and the job of law enforcement is to do the arresting.  That is a given.  But there is no need for any kind of bad feeling on either side.  Successful resistance requires much aloha on both sides and very careful actions so that no one (especially law enforcement) feels threatened.  (We don't want Law Enforcement to feel threatened because they have the guns!!!)

So if you see someone being detained, stay away.  Record it on video if you can.  Get all details for later legal action.  But do not ruin the resistor's act of sacrifice by interfering or turning the situation ugly.

There will be nonviolent resistance training.  I'll post details on when I get them.

The next days and weeks of our resistance to LIngle's abuse of power will require our utmost self control and aloha.  At all times, both the police and the resistors need to remember that we are all human beings (and most likely on the same side) and we must aloha each other...even though it is difficult in the heat of the moment.  So these weeks until we stop the Superferry will test our self-control but I know that we will be strong since the mana is powerful.

Karen Chun