Sunday, November 11, 2007

Impeachment is Alive in Judiciary Committee! We Win It All If You Speak Out Now

Impeachment is Alive in Judiciary Committee!  We Win It All If You Speak Out Now

Do you have any idea how desperate the corporate media is to suppress
coverage of the growing impeachment movement?

One of the most riveting events to occur in Congress in recent
history occurred last week, and not one of the major so-called news
channels wanted you to know it had happened. An incredible live
event, and they didn't even cover it. But they will, finally, if only
more of us speak out now.

Cheney Impeachment Action Page:

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On Nov. 6, 2007, Dennis Kucinich brought a privileged resolution
calling for the impeachment of Vice President Cheney, based on just a
couple of Cheney's constitutional high crimes. And for two hours the
House of Representatives was tied up in knots trying to figure out
how to try to shut him up.

In their contempt for the people, the Republicans committed the
colossal tactical blunder of trying to mock the momentous occasion.
When the Democratic so-called leadership tried to table the Kucinich
resolution, as we expected them to do, the Republican big shots
suddenly directed their underlings to change their votes, to start
voting AGAINST the motion to table, thereby forcing the very vote
Kucinich sought.

The entire House of Representatives was thrown into a turmoil. It was
high drama as the motion to table suddenly was being rejected
numerically, with Republican help. The scheduled 15 minute vote
extended into two hours, with nobody in a leadership position knowing
how to deal with the crisis of one man standing up and speaking the
truth. And did you hear about this incredible drama on your cable TV.
No you did not.

Now the defeatists out there, and we know they are out there, will
try to tell you that because the impeachment resolution was
ultimately sent to the Judiciary Committee that nothing more will
happen. That's like saying because the indictment was given to a
judge and a prosecutor, that will be the end of it. But whatever the
vain intent of certain so-called Congressional leaders, the Judiciary
Committee is exactly where we want the resolution, for that is where
the actual impeachment articles must emerge from.

Look at what's actually happening, and not what the right wing
spinners are trying to tell you is happening. Progressive talk
personalities are calling for action all over the dial. They are
giving out toll free congressional phone numbers and calling on their
listeners to now put real pressure on the Judiciary Committee. This
is happening only because your voices forced the issue in the first
place, by calling those shows and talking about impeachment and the
necessity for it.

Look at what's actually happening. Members of the House are being
forced to justify why they have not yet acted to defend and protect
the Constitution. And their lame and pathetic excuses are exposing
just how poorly represented the people of the United States are. More
people are realizing that their voices do count, and that Congress
has no answer to defend their failure to do their sacred
constitutional duty.

It is only because of the impeachment movement that attention is
being focused on Cheney's insane fixation on bombing Iran and
starting the last World War of them all. It is only your voices that
can stop the secret march to Armageddon, as they make up new lies to
sucker the American people into yet another, and even more
monumental, military debacle.

Yes, the heat is on the Judiciary Committee alright. Their first
bleating reaction was to talk about how busy they were putting
together a contempt citation for Mier and Bolton. This is something
that should have happened instantly 6 months ago when the subpoenas
were first defied, at the direction of the Cheney White House, itself
an impeachable offense. Well, we'll just see if they even do that in
the next two weeks.

Yes, the heat is on the Judiciary Committee, as more and more people
all over the country raise their voices, some for the perhaps the
first time. Join those voices now. Use the either of the action pages
below to send your personal message to the Judiciary Committee, Nancy
Pelosi and your own member of the House as well. Tell them we will
not shut up. Tell them we will not go away. Tell them they work for
us and not the other way around.

Cheney Impeachment Action Page:

Facebook Version:

What is actually happening is they have stupidly and arrogantly given
the people hope. And hope is the most powerful enemy the corrupters
of our democracy have. The only thing they have going for them is
fear, and its two evil twins, defeatism and inaction. The rule only
by fear . . . flooding our TVs with propaganda and smug indifference
to the will of the people, masquerading as the news.

Tell them you are not afraid. Tell them you will no longer be ruled
by fear. Speak out now to force the hand of the Judiciary Committee,
and necessary truth of how our country has been systematically
betrayed by imperial subversives in the White House for the last 7
years will be heard and confronted, at last.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

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