Friday, November 9, 2007

KGMB News and Beyond

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Date: Nov 9, 2007 12:48 PM
Subject: KGMB News and Beyond

The story that ran on KGMB last evening had three components.  The first was the introduction to the story that used the terms "radical" and "inflammatory" to describe the letter I circulated with Jim Albertini.  The second component was the actual story by Jim Mendoza that was a fairly accurate reporting of the intent and content of the letter.  The third component was the reference to the Attorney General as concluding that we were encouraging people to break the law and the FBI saying that they and the Coast Guard would investigate any threats to the Superferry.  You can see the whole thing for yourself at
After the broadcast, I exchanged emails with the news director and the anchor that had used the highly charged terms.  We had a good discussion about the contents of the letter as opposed to the characterizations of the letter and the anchor ultimately apologized.
Meanwhile, the Governor and the Attorney General are trying to use the letter to misdirect attention from their ongoing Superferry conspiracy by mischaracterizing the letter.  We hear that the Attorney General sent an alert out claiming that, based on the letter, Jim and I might pose of a threat of terroristic action against the Superferry in violation of the Patriot Act.  We understand completely that the Attorney General is very uncomfortable with our constantly pointing out his violations of law and simply lashing out in frustration.
We also understand that after various law enforcement agencies took a look at the letter, they understood exactly what we were doing, i.e. advising people to take responsibility for their decisions, and that the political coloring attempted by the Governor and Attorney General was nonsense.
The results of all this activity is that far more people have been discussing non-violent resistance, martyrdom, Superferry, ....   Our dialogue just launched itself out into the broader community.  Excellent!
The letter is a tempest in a tea pot that will quickly pass.  We have far more important matters to deal with.  Please do not be concerned about the appearance of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security Coast Guard.  While their inclinations may be towards established power, they can still read and understand English, no matter how much smoke is blown in their faces by the real law breakers.

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