Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rally On Maui – Let Your Freedom Loop

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POSTED: 29 NOVEMBER 2007 - 10:00am HST

Rally For Maui – Let Your Freedom Loop

image above: Kahalui Harbor map for use of free people who want to exercise their rights

"Screw 'if by sea', when you've won by dry land."

A little birdy just gave this to me. See that it gets into as many of the right hands as possible, or maybe eyeballs. Do you know any people on Maui who drive?

But seriously, my advice: stay dry, let the HOMESEC USCG have their "ZONE"
Meahwhile, see how many laps on the Kamehameha-Hana-Ka`ahumanu-Lono-Loop you can log (at 2 miles per hour).

Then celebrate your victory. If lucky, you will shut them comepletely down. The least you can do is give them a big fat headache.

Either way Maui wins. Many hands make light work.

Tack this to your Fridge with a Magnet


stay dry.
stay out of the harbor.
stay out of trouble.
buckle-up for safety
make sure your tabs are current
make sure your blinkers work
keep your hands @ 10 and 2
top off your tank - good for the economy
converge at the target location
be on time
go as slow as you can possibly imagine.
smile and wave at friends and neighbors.
find out what happens when the ferry comes
celebrate drive-thru protesting
celebrate your victory.
throw a big party
get lots of sleep
wash rinse repeat.
aloha! imua!


image above: An interesting analogy between graphic elements by Jonathan Jay



POSTED: 29 NOVEMBER 2007 - 10:00am HST

Kahalui Harbor Rally Location

The Federal Register publication of the security zone for Kahului harbor does include the following:

In preparing this temporary rule, the Coast Guard made sure to consider the rights of lawful protestors. To that end, the Coast Guard excluded from the security zone a defined region which creates a sizeable area of water in which demonstrators may lawfully assemble and convey their message in a safe manner to their intended audience.

This area of the harbor not included in the security zone is completely accessible to anyone who desires to enter the water, and is fully visible to observers ashore, at the HSF mooring facility, aboard the HSF when transiting the harbor, and from the air.

Maui folks may want to prepare large banners to be displayed in the "free speech" zone which supposedly will be visible to the boat "and from the air" for those folks flying over Maui at the time (probably a Coast Guard airplane anxious to read the message).

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