Thursday, November 15, 2007

Maui version of "Cuz, No Take Superferry" bumper stickers available


Cuz, No Take Superfferry

Get this Maui version of the bumper sticker mailed to you for $2.00
through our supporter, Redwood Games. (avail aprox 11/20)
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"Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power."
Benito Mussolini

Sad to say on Nov 14, 2007, Judge Cardoza lifted the ban on the Superferry traveling to Maui. Groups may appeal on the grounds that the Superferry Bailout Bill is special interest (duh!) and unconstitutional but for now, we need to plan for the unwanted Superferry arrival at both Kahului and Nawiliwili harbors.

1. Get your Cuz, No Take Superferry bumper sticker (and an Impeach Lingle for good measure).

2. Prepare your signs for greeting the ferry. Let's give them a Moloka'i welcome. We can do this without tangling with the Patriot Act and Lingle's Unified Command. Let's brainstorm ways to get our point across without going to jail for 10 years. In 10 years the Superferry will be bankrupt and only a memory.

3. Let all the visitors know that taking the ferry makes them responsible for killing whales.

The Truck and the Tricycle: Lee Tepley responds to those who point out that small boats hit whales

Next Maui Hearing on lifting the HSF injunction is Wed. 11/14. Go to to see live streaming video (and be prepared to fall asleep as HSF and DOT object absolutely every time a witness opens their mouth)

More Lingle corruption and secretiveness. See how she protects her alleged law-breaking chief of staff by withholding emails which could verify his illegal acts. Get your IMPEACH LINGLE bumper sticker for $2.00 (avail 11/20)

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See the video on this page and then go to the blog. Get the local point of view on HSF and the (over)Developers.

Parx News Network on using the nuisance law to stop HSF

Nov 10: KGMB sloppy, inflamatory journalism over nonviolent civil disobedience letter. See correction of their (nonresearched) incorrect statement at right. (Note: since their broadcast, they've given a more balanced statement on their website. Still we wonder why they haven't asked the central question: Why is the State and Federal government using force against its own citizens to protect a law-breaking business? )

New Twist: Counties could prohibit HSF under the public nuisance law.

HSF is talking about doing another $5 rate (most likely because - as was the case before - they have so few real reservations) so that 'Oahu can transport its homeless to Maui and Kaua'i. Thanks a million. BTW, they were fined by the PUC last time they did this (like everything else they've done, their action was illegal in that all rate changes are required to go through the PUC.)

The Court: Our last defense against "corporatism". Read how Judge August stood up to HSF. "I'm not here to make life easier for anybody other than the public using the roadways, " August said. Yaaah! Another judge joins our lonely neighbor isle legislators in standing up for the citizens!

What are Lingle and AG Bennet Hiding? Since when is it OK to hide the papers and discussions that lead up to Lingle's disastrous HSF decision from the Legislature and the people who she serves? Even the Maui News thinks she and Bennet are out of line.

It appears that HSF isn't the only business Lingle has encouraged in lawbreaking. Read 2nd article down: "A former state archaeologist alleges the state agency responsible for protecting cultural and historic resources violated its own rules and procedures to illegally fast-track permits favored by Gov. Linda Lingle, including expanding state harbors for the Superferry, and stall those she opposes."

Why is our Attorney General, the man who is supposed to be enforcing our laws, going to court on the side of a corporation against the interests of the neighbor islands? Is there no end to the corruption of the Lingle Administration?

Excellent article on strategy against HSF

Judge Cardoza may hear HSF request to lift injunction on Wednesday, November 7, 2007 @ 10:30 a.m

Linda Screws the Neighbor Islands. After an exhaustive negotiation with HSF Lehman's right hand man freaking out over every single condition and Maui compromising, Lingle added two little words to every Whale condition :"if feasible" .  This turned the conditions into nothing more than hot air with no way to enforce them. Read these conditions and see how deceptive and calculatedly misleading they are.

Sunday Superferry Justice Action Solidarity with Kaua'i, Big Island and Maui Stand up for the Neighbor Islands! Read a report on how it went.

Message from Jim Albertini and Lanny Sinkin regarding nonviolent civil disobedience.

Read Jeff Sacher's reply to those who say we should be putting our energy to drugs etc.

Neighbor Island testimony is available here. The guy who said he was speaking for AARP in support of the Superferry was lying and has to retract his statement. Just like the woman who said she was speaking for the Maui Chamber of Commerce who had to admit under oath that she was not empowered to speak for the Chamber. Why does the Superferry bring out the worst in their supporters?

Impeach Linda Lingle
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October 2007 HSF Developments

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Pier 2c Diagram showing canoe hale


HRS 226: Requirement to preserve culture