Thursday, November 15, 2007

Makes you wonder....

The Advertiser quotes:
State Attorney General Mark Bennett told Cardoza he was "deeply disturbed" by Hall's remarks "threatening this court that the only way to secure justice is to jump in the water. To come before this court and say, 'Judge, you'd better not dissolve the injunction because people are going to get hurt' is an outrage."

The Start bulletin quotes:
Bennett said he felt Hall's comments were inappropriate, and he hopes people will conduct themselves in a law-abiding manner.

Same courtroom, same day of reporting, two different media write ups, 180 degrees apart.... does this show how people can't really trust what's being said or left out of reporting?  Who edits what out, who inserts what in? And where does the truth lie?

Hawaii Attorney General Mark Bennett said the new law is constitutional because it is a general law affecting large-capacity ferry vessels.

Everyone in the state of Hawai'i knows including Attorney General Mark Bennett that the Superferry Bailout law was not a general law affecting large-capacity ferry vessels, but specifically for one vessel owned by Hawai'i Superferry.  At least there is something everyone on this blog can clearly see, the attorney general is a liar --the chief legal counsel of the State of Hawai'i is an unabashed liar.  Boy, don't you and I have faith that he and the government are telling the truth on everything else they're doing?

This alone shows why protesters have taken things into their own hands, to be the true upholders of the spirit of the law and land.

John Tyler