Saturday, November 24, 2007

Join the signatories of an open letter to HSf's Garibaldi

Join the signatories of an open letter to HSf's Garibaldi


Dear concerned citizens of Kaua`i-

RE: The Hawai`i Superferry (HSf),


Below is an open letter to the HSf that some of  people of Kaua`i have signed and we are asking you and your friends and neighbors to join us in signing.


It addresses well publicized attempts by HSf manager Mr. Garibaldi at "outreach",  in an effort to get Kaua`i people to welcome the Superferry and its automobile traffic into our community, despite the HSf's and State officials' well known and widely documented history of denial and disregard of our rights and our requests to the contrary.


Since the story thus far is well known and easily available we have not re-iterated it here for brevity sake


We ask you to sign onto this self-explanatory letter to say that we on Kaua`i will not participate in any  "outreach" while the actions of HSf - whether "legal" or not- continue to threaten our right to a safe, clean and healthful environment and to duly conduct our local planning decision making processes.


You may email to add your name to the signatory list. We plan on distributing the letter publicly with all signatories by  Monday 11/26 but earlier if circumstances dictate. So please sign on as soon as possible. Feel free to distribute this to others on Kaua`i for their consideration


Thanks to those who agreed to be original signatories and all those who supplied their mana`o in drafting.


We can hope this will help lead to a peaceful retreat by the HSf people and the state and cause no need for confrontation.




An Open Letter to John Garibaldi of Hawai`i Superferry and Hawai`i State officials


We, the undersigned residents of Kaua`i respectfully decline to participate in any of the reported  "outreach" efforts  of the Hawai`i Superferry (HSf).


The law may or may not say that it is legal for the HSf to come to Kaua`i. But even if the HSf can come to Nawiliwili, we Kaua`i residents don't have to either like or acquiesce to it.


We undersigned will not and cannot "put  behind us" the disrespect and violation of our constitutional right to a safe and healthy environment, as both Honolulu newspapers have editorially suggested.  It is, in fact, still in front of us.


The past and current actions of the State and the HSF are unacceptable. Our  environmental, cultural, social and economic rights have been stripped (Act 2) as have our rights to local planning processes, which were also "exempted" (HRS  266-2) by the State.


We will not meet with those who would willfully violate our rights just because they can and ask us to forgive the self-same trespasses they continue to promulgate.


We the undersigned  discourage visitors from taking advantage of the denial of our rights by coming here via the HSf. and we will use any and all legal means to discourage people from bringing their cars on the HSf, should the HSf and State decide to violate our rights to a clean, safe and healthy environment


We the undersigned welcome our visitors who travel and stay in accordance with our current infrastructure capacity through our official planning processes and designated methods of accommodating the up to 30,000 visitors who are here every day now.


Whether or not the HSf  can conduct an EIS that  "mitigates" the impacts of all those vehicles as well as secondary impacts across the island remains to be seen, as does their ability to comply with out county permitting regulation. Though these two "exemptions" appear to be legal according to some, we the undersigned will not respond to any "outreach" that does not start with compliance with those protections before the HSf comes to Kaua`i.


In addition, we the undersigned call on the Kaua`i County Council to declare HSf a public nuisance under State law (HRS � 46-17) due to the "dust, pollution, vibrations, noise and smoke" of  up to 560 cars coming on and off the HSf as well as many as 200 more picking up and dropping off passengers all converging upon the dock.


  • Andy Parx
  • Diana LaBedz,  World Citizen
  • Rev. Jeffrey Charles Fishman, Kauai Earth Network
  • Laurel Brier
  • Juan Wilson
  • Katy Rose, Kaua'i Alliance for Peace and Social Justice .
  • Ya Kaduce
  • Fred Dente
  • J�nos Samu
  • Erik Coopersmith
  • Paullie Purdy
  • Jane Taylor
  • Frank Marsh
  • Laura Marsh
  • Bill Chase
  • Richard A. Miller
  • Joan Levy
  • Lee Mentley
  • Ken Wilson
  • Debra Kekaualua
  • Bob Nesti
  • Marcia Sacco
  • John T. Strom
  • Andrea Noelani Brower
  • Glenn Mickens
  • Jin Pollock
  • Sherry Pollock
  • Bob Nesti
  • Stephanie Farago
  • Hope Kallai
  • Tim Kallai
  • Judy Waite
  • Karen Mavec
  • Rory Marsh
  • Brian Bodine
  • Larrisa Varaday
  • Hillary Moser
  • Mia Pauleto
  • Sandy Herndon
  • Richard Diamond
  • Siri Shabad
  • John Tyler Cragg,