Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Announcing: New Anti-Superferry/Lingle Bumperstickers arriving

For Immediate Release:

So many people have asked for more bumper stickers to be made, so we have them on order to arrive Friday or Saturday.  This is what we've got:

Sink Da Superferry, initial quantity of 250

Impeach Lingle,   initial quantity of 100

No Strykerferry!    initial quantity of 100

If the pictures of the bumper sticker did not show up on this email, you can see them by clicking on this, and scrolling through to the stickers: blog

The coordinator of the bumper sticker distribution is Fabienne Christie in the Wailua Homesteads (Kaua'i).

To recover our costs of printing and shipping, we are asking for a $3 donation  for any one sticker, of $2 each if you get more than one.  These are suggested donations, and we won't turn someone away if they can't pay.  The issue is too important.  We reserve the right to limit quantities if needed.

Want a sticker or a few, contact only:

(808) 821-9847
or email her:

Best wishes,
John Tyler
(designer of the stickers)