Friday, October 26, 2007

Superferry's Tig Krekel bull dozing Kaua'i again; and Sen President: Is she a split personality?

From the Honolulu Advertiser today;

Tig Krekel, the vice chairman of J.F. Lehman & Co., the Superferry's main investor, said the new bill was a positive development and that senators had done an excellent job.

Superferry executives have said they could resume service within 10 days of legislators passing a bill.

Asked how Superferry would approach potential resistance on the Neighbor Islands, particularly Kaua'i, Krekel said: "Do not confuse a very loud minority with speaking for all the people of Kaua'i. We have received countless communications from Kaua'i residents about how embarrassed they are and that the loud minority of activists, not environmentalists — but activists — do not speak for them.

"So we're hopeful that that situation will calm down."

This is exactly what Senate President Hanabusa referred to when she said, Superferry needed to heal with the islands rather than cause further rift.  Mr. Krekel is demonstrating the arrogance that got Superferry into trouble by bullying its way into Nawiliwili in the first place.  Mr. Krekel pull you foot out of your mouth and sit down, you're not helping the situation "calm down" but escalate once again.

And speaking of Senate President Hanabusa, she was quoted today as saying, " "What the Senate did was consider the testimony and come up with a good compromise," said Senate President Colleen Hanabusa, D-Nanakuli-Makua. "Everyone seems to be OK with the bill. No one will ever be perfectly happy."

The 300 Kauaians who spoke in favor to 2 speaking opposed of an EIS first, or no session at all are not "OK with the bill, nor is our Senator, and you clearly know that, yet you say "Everyone seems to be OK with the bill."  Are you a split personality here?

I wonder were you bold faced lying when you implied to the packed Kauai senate hearing this past Sunday that the Senate could simply come in to Special Session and adjourn....were you yanking Kauai's chain? or are you honestly looking to help Kaua'i and all Hawaii in a yet undisclosed way.  Are you trustworthy as Gary Hooser to us, or are you playing us all as fools to your own perceived agenda?

I hold for your higher soul's awareness of your actions here, and know you had 300+ souls including 5 senators hear your statement very clearly, clear as a bell.