Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Genuine win-win compromise Superferry-EIS proposal

When I was in college, I took out government loans, and got deferred payments until I graduated.  (No money was due until I started earning my money).  Bring the Fed's in who guaranteed the Superferry loan.  With them and/or the help of the US Congress a rider bill can be done to defer loan payments for Superferry.  Do the same thing for the State Loans. 

Superferry then SITS IDLE while the very lawful EA/EIS is done, and no harm is done to the Neighbor islands.  O'ahu will practice aloha and be patient, not grumble about missing a possible "convenience" at the risk of irreparable harm to its neighbors.  Sounds simple, it is.  Not political, just simple.

A Federal and state deferral of loan payments answers all, and takes the pressure off.


John Tyler Cragg