Friday, October 12, 2007

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My introductory message to you:
boycott address

Description of the group:
Help take the bite out of the Superferry by effectively educating
potential riders of the damage this "entirely new mode of
transportation" will have on our island habitats and endangered
sea life.
We support True kuleana (responsibility) for the Hawai�i
Superferry or NO Superferry operation. We owe it to our community
and future generations. Any business that can substantially alter
our environment and way of life needs to accept the kuleana that
comes with it.
This email group is set up to quickly and efficiently get the
word out to our Hawai'i and mainland friends about important
events and rallies surrounding the Hawai'i Superferry issues. We
intend to boadcast our announcements sparingly, to keep your
inbox happy and still informed.
Aloha, Namaste, and Peace be with you,
John Tyler Cragg
web author of

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