Saturday, October 13, 2007

Re: [] An Honest Win-Win Proposal

I might not have made myself clear in my emotional state. Sorry. What I meant was that I would not allow the Superferry to sail without an environmental study (EA or EIS). Compromise after that is open to conjecture. If they sail they will not be stopped.

On 10/13/07 11:57 AM, "Warren Woodward" <> wrote:

I agree. No compromise. I do not want to see this boat sailing ever. Why? Because I do not want something else to pay taxes for. Mark my words, if allowed to sail, the ferry will not make a profit and we will be asked to subsidse its "vital service and island lifeline" or some such. Seattle ferries can't make a profit and are subsidized. Why does anyone think it will be different here? They have already gotten enough free money.
Additionally, why should these scofflaws be afforded ANY compromise? Who else breaks the law and gets a special session to make it right? This whole thing is crony capitalism to the max (and I am a capitalist, but a real one). Compromise? It's time to impeach Lingle and through her and the ferry fat cats in jail for criminal conspiracy. I am not a lawyer but perhaps this could fall under RICO.

David H Dinner <> wrote:
I did not like it the first time you said it and I like it even less now that the Legislature is threatening to ram the Superferry down our throats. I see no compromise that would mitigate the fact that these developnerds have nothing but profit and profiteering in their gun sights. No compromise!


 On 10/13/07 9:51 AM, "John Tyler" <> wrote:

An Honest Win-Win Proposal to Save Superferry and Protect the Environment

Superferry says it's business can't survive a lengthy delay in operations, because of the huge federal loan payments due.  They want to operate with no added environmental protections deemed important to consider by the Maui court and concurrently the Supreme Court.

Here's a novel idea, taken from my own history with my college loans...
Have Hawaii's congressional delegation propose a federal deferment on the payment of federal loans on Superferry, and the state do the same here while the Superferry sits idle as a lawful EIS is done, minimizing financial duress.

 This takes the need for political compromises inherent in the special legislative session off the table, for the benefit of all. It's highly likely that the Hawaii legislature will bargain away some aspect of environmental protection to get Superferry's buy-in.  What then gets exposed: whales? mongoose on Kauai? crime factors? traffic?

With the federal deferment, all EIS issues are addressed and the financial worry is neutralized.  If the EIS shows other key harms, we'll have them substantiated and addressed. If its so harmful, then the Superferry is done, and if its not, we're safe too, but at least the EIS puts all the cards on the table which is what Superferry has been avoiding all along.  Bring the sunshine in.

We can all use some patience and calmness in this, and taking the financial duress off, stops the publicized rush factor.

In Gratitude,




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