Monday, October 15, 2007

Distributing the Beached whale-tourist photo

Dear Friends of the lawful EIS4Superferry, and personal friends,

Attached is the incredibly impactful photo of the beached whale with sunbathers looking on. I have added text to really and clearly make the possibility a reality to the otherwise unmoved O'ahu resident, and others of the islands.  This photo e-card, puts things square in their face undeniably, and moves people to act.

Please download this photo and send it with your own email announcement to friends and people interested in the cause.  The more well-known this picture gets, the more the tide turns in our favor.  If we can make this photo THE poster child of the movement, we suceed, or at least one key photo of the movement, widely shared, especially to O'ahu, visitor industry outlets, island real estate companies, and any mainland friends who visit hawaii too.  No one wants what's pictured. 

Malama Pono, (take care of what's true of heart)


PS--if the picture isn't attached here, you can scroll down our blog briefly to get it, and soon available at the top of our home page for download too.